Semester Opening Barbecue

On the 19th of April there will be a semester opening barbecue at the pond of the Faculty of Computer Science. We will play Flunkyball and Kubb. If enough are interested, there will be a little lesson in folding Yodas and Darth Vaders. We are looking forward to seeing you at the barbecue!!

2012/04/11 15:11 · Sina Grunau


To welcome all new master students and to bring you into the right mood for the new semester, we want to have a barbecue with you! Please come to the student's club CountDown ( in Güntzstraße 22. We will start from 6 pm and are really looking forward to seeing you!

2012/03/26 11:08 · Anna Biselli

Meeting 2011-10-31

The will be no meeting on monday the 31th of october 2011. Have a nice weekend and a happy halloween.

2011/10/28 20:33 · Frank Hedecke

Christmas-Party of the Faculty of Computer Science

Hohoho! The christmas tree in the faculty and the slowly falling snow suggest: Christmas is close. Again there will be a christmas-party in the faculty, this year on the 9 Decembre, starting at 4:30pm. All students, employees and alumnae including their children are welcome to join the celebration in the foyer of the faculty. Games will be played and hot wine punch and fruit loaf will be provided. Children can be announced to Santa as usual at his mail-address: Presents for them can be deliverd with full name until 7.12. to Ms. Kapplsch in room 1014. Helpers and ideas are welcomed as well!

2010/11/30 23:41

Meet your Professor on 10 November 2010

The next „meet your prof“-event takes place on 10 November. Two professors are invited: Prof. Gumhold from the professorship „computergraphics and visualisation“ and Prof. Vogler from the professorship „fundamentals of programming“. The topics of the evening are up to you: Whether you want to get to know more about their professorships, about daily routines as a employee at the university, about their view on students or about something completely different. Of course you are free to make yourself comfortable with food and beverage and simply listen to the conversations. It starts at 8:00pm in the bar „Terrasse“ (Bischofsplatz 2, tram-stop of the same name of line 13 or within walkable distance of tram-stop Bischofsweg of the lines 7,8,13) and lasts as long as you can keep the two professors entertained. We look forward to your participation!

2010/11/08 19:19

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