06.07.2020 18:45 / Patrik Phan

New iFSR website is online

Simply unpacked the color pickers, sharpened the RGB and hex codes and collected the HTML tags - during the last months we have designed a completely new iFSR website for you. We're using a new individual Responsive Design and are more sensitive to the current user needs.

In the line of the relaunch we have adapted and updated our web content. Our new main navigation and the navigation slider on the main page make it even easier to find the most important content and especially to read it more comfortably on devices like tablets and mobile phones.

iFSR Relaunch

News, events and meeting dates

What is happening on campus, what is the latest update and when is the next meeting? Instead of one newsfeed as before, we have two! On the main page there are short links to the latest news and next events and meetings. Via separate subpages you can click on News and Events even faster.

... and never miss a meeting ⌛

On the bottom right of each page you can check our next meeting date with place and time. A click on "Show details" shows additional information such as access links to our current digital sessions. Of course, the message can be hidden globally by simply clicking on the button with the speech bubble.

It's getting dark for night owls 🦉

If you activate the Dark Mode 🌙 on your device, the iFSR website turns into a dark haze. This allows our content to be read in a relaxed way even at night, under the blanket or in moonlight.

Dark mode

Accessible mode

We have also given more thought to accessibility and implemented a mode for accessibility. The mode can be activated via the navigation and the color environment is colored in high-contrast colors (also possible in combination with the dark mode). For the mode, we followed the guidelines for accessible web content (WCAG). We also made sure that the content is readable via the screen reader.

Certainly not yet perfect, but we will continue to focus more on the topic of accessibility in the future.

We No Speak Americ.. German 🎵

So far we have only made our content available multilingually in important announcements. We have now optimized our website so that many other important contents are also available in English. Just use the language switch at the bottom of the footer.

We hope you like our comprehensive relaunch and look forward to your feedback via social media or e-mail.

We would like to thank the AG Public relations and the many hard-working helpers: Robert Peine, Emmanuel Diehl, Anita Fritzsche, Patrik Phan and Jakob Krebs.

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